"Toda fortuna é uma ilusão se

não carrega paz no coração"


On this very special day, April 19, where the Indian Day is celebrated in Brazil, Izabella Rocha and I launched our new song called “Pro planeta respirar”. This song was born in February 2021 in Chapada dos Veaderos, during a tour I did there with Izabella that month. The song was inspired by a visit that Izabella made in the Katukina Indian village in Acre in January of the same year. The music is dedicated to the Indians and the lyrics describe a little bit of the worldview of our original peoples and all of their ancestral wisdom. This song is a special release and will not be present on any Streaming platform, as streaming platforms have become a territory without ties, without emotion and without recognition for the work of artists who produce music. The remuneration for artists is very low on these platforms and in addition, no link is created between the public and the artist on these platforms. So we took opportunity  of the launch of this new song to propose you a new form of musical enjoyment, where you can stay completely in contact with us through our networks (Youtube and instagram). In addition, this song is part of and became a call we received to help the Katukina Indians of Acre, who are always in need of resources to fund the healing trips they take in Brazil. So let us take this opportunity to help them. This song is available for download in MP3 bellow. Through this download you will also be helping the Indians, since all the income from the downloads will be reverted to the Katukinas of Acre.