"Based in the United States, the Bahian singer and songwriter Rafael Pondé rediscovers his roots with his new musical project: the EP Nordeste Revival with six tracks. The release happens simultaneously on all digital platforms, this Friday August 9th, 2019 and the first concert is scheduled for the Joe`s Pub in New York City in the same month on the 23rd. The fusion of musical styles has been around since the beginning of his solo career nearly 15 years ago with the album “Atomos, palavras e canções ”. In Nordeste Revival, recorded in the first half of 2019, between the American University studio in Washington DC and his home studio in Philadelphia, Pondé, as well as pacing Baião, Ijexá and Samba-reggae throughout the six tracks, features the participation of musicians and composers from various countries. “Wonderful artists have made this trip with me, which makes Brazilian Northeastern music opened and universal, artists such as Christylez Bacon, a rapper from Washington DC, Colombian singer Laura Lizcano, accordionist Rob Curto, TJ Turqman, who played bass on "Panela Seletiva", Robsete who played Zabumba  and Eugen Kim, South Korean jazz violinist, besides the group Batala DC who played in the track "Jah Innocence" . The Ep has also two songs composed in partnership with Rafaels Colombian friend Funkcho Salas, from the El Caribe Funk band. ” Regarding the choice of name and inspiration for the compositions, Pondé highlights the protagonism assumed in the production process (he signs the production, arrangements and mixing) and the strong content of social criticism, proposing a historical review and revealing the sad coincidences that happen in the US and Brazil right now. “I follow with concern the reflections of a conservative wave of setbacks in social achievements and freedom of expression, with violence and prejudice being legitimized in the speeches of political representatives, such as the recent statement of discrimination against the Northeast region of Brazil, which led me to call my EP  "Nordeste Revival”, because at the same time I was working on music that refers and uplift the northeast region of Brasil" . He recently became a member of the Latin Grammy Academy and two songs from his last album "Live at the Boom Room" - Voltar pra Bahia and Vale do Capão - take part in a vote for the best Portuguese language song, recording of the year and song of the year "

Lucas Pondé

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